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The Face Behind Órttu: 10 Questions For Designer Artem Gryshchenko

We sat down with Orttu designer, Artem Gryshchenko, and asked him 10 questions that we thought our clients and followers might be interested in knowing the answers to.
1. What made you want to start Orttu?
Clothing for me has always been a way to express freedom. When I started Orttu, I wanted to create something that was more than just a clothing line. I wanted to create a community and fashion religion where everyone could feel completely free to wear whatever they want. We show a part of who we are through what we wear and fashion allows us to express this creativity, energy and uniqueness. Every day, more men are experiencing the Orttu culture and this gives great meaning to my work.
2. How long have you been working in fashion?
I have been working in the fashion industry for almost 10 years and they have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. Creating clothing is such a sacred process for me. Imagining how many people wear my pieces everyday, getting compliments, feeling and behaving differently, drives me to create. I hope the way people feel when they are wearing my clothing inspires them in all aspects of their lives.
3. What is your favorite brand?
When I first became interested in fashion, MaxMara quickly became my favorite brand. I remember when I was 18, I used to stop by MaxMara everyday to check out the new arrivals and get more insight into the fashion world. MaxMara gave me the answer to the two most important questions for me at that time: What is the perfect color and what is the cut that is worth searching for?
4. What is the one essential item everyone should have in their closet? (Which Orttu piece is your favorite?)
I definitely have my favorite piece that I think every single guy should have in his wardrobe. It is our Crystal Top. The top is all about feeling sexy. It is about a night when you forget about everything and just have the time of your life.
5. What are your interests outside of fashion?
Almost all of my time goes into Orttu, but I always find the time to work out. I love going to the gym and taking dance classes a lot, but the most pleasurable activity for me is yoga. I like to switch off the lights, turn on the right music and start a personal spiritual journey. I enjoy sharing this journey with people I love, so I often invite my friends and colleagues to join me.  
6. What color do you most like to work with?
I really take pleasure in working with black. It is so simple in its elegance yet inspiring. As far as my personal style, I prefer different shades of grey, nude and white. I truly feel at home with these three colors. When I find fabric I want to work with in these colors, I am truly happy.
7. From your perspective, what is the definition of style?
Style is a story, which is always evolving, transforming and being shaped by our personalities. It fascinates me how people can wear the same clothing in such different ways depending on their mood, vision or feelings. Style is often so unpredictable, and that’s most what I like about it.
orttu designer
8. How do you keep up with the latest fashion?
Fashion is a living thing. The best way to see innovation is to get out onto the streets. Just absorbing your surroundings in fashion capitals through the people and shops is how to really put your finger on the pulse of fashion.
9. What is one skill you use everyday in your job?
10. What is the most important thing you want people to know about Orttu?
Orrtu is my way of getting my designs out there to be enjoyed and brought to life, allowing men to feel free, confident, handsome and refined every single day.
Artem Gryshchenko’s workshop is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Orrtu has quickly established itself in fashion under his direction. His line of clothing has been featured in numerous fashion weeks and is sold all over the world.

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