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Our Capsula collection was inspired by the free-spirited traditions from beautiful countries like Japan and India.
One day, during a yoga class, ORTTU Creative Director, Artem Gryshchenko, was struck by inspiration: the desire to create a collection that would embody how it feels to channel the spiritual and creative energy that one experiences when truly connected to oneself.
When our team transformed that inspiration into physical designs, our Capsula collection was born. To achieve a free and flowing aesthetic, we crafted pieces in this new collection from a limited selection of cottons that are both natural and incredibly soft to the touch.
All the pieces that make up the Capsula collection are “free size,” which gives everyone the freedom to find confidence, power, and balance — regardless of body type. Designs in this new collection are some of our most diverse and versatile pieces to date.
You can easily choose pieces that let you meditate and stretch without feeling restricted. Then, without missing a beat and in the same outfit, you can go from a yoga class to a night out on the town and still look classy and refined.
Our Capsula collection is becoming very popular with our customers who tell us they like to mix Capsula pieces with our regular collection to maximize the comfort and uniqueness of their everyday outfits.

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