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Chapter 2 is about celebrating chivalry

In the second collection, ÓRTTU has added a range of new fabrics and new garments including our new faux leather raincoat, see-through chiffon top, and the 100% felted wool Alexander Scarf, made using our own secret and very special technique.
But, most of all, we’re introducing the new warrior silhouette. The comfortable, loose, flowing style of ÓRTTU has been given another layer, and new depth, with combat-style pants, army-influenced jackets, and body brace accessory.
Inspired by the warrior (from the knight of ancient romance to today’s elite forces), ÓRTTU Chapter 2 is about celebrating chivalry. And, more especially, it’s about celebrating your capacity for both strength and sensitivity, for both courage and gentleness, and for the heroic expression of the whole you.
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