Jermaine Mitchell Wears 3x ORTTU

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We’re thrilled to say that Jermaine Mitchell (one of the US’s glitterati) has been spotted wearing ORTTU at events around New York City.
20 September 2022

 Jermaine recently wore our Naoki Couture Long Jacket and  Brunello Couture Pants to the recent David LaChapelle event. (David is a photographer and video artist known for his highly-saturated editorial shots of celebrities (including Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Nicki Minaj).)

Jermaine Mitchell Wears ORTTU

Jermaine also wore our Ludovic Couture jacket and Anomalous Couture Pants to the Harpers Bazaar party and the Naoki Pearls Jacket and Brunello Pearls Pants to the Daily Front Row event during New York Fashion Week.We think he looks stunning. And we expect you do too.