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Behind The Scences

What exactly does happen behind the scenes? The following is a sneak peek for those who are busy sipping champagne in the front row.

Words by Tom Skinner
Video by John Bremer

If you’ve ever been backstage at a fashion show, you’ll know that the energy is frenetic. There’s that saying: “calm before the storm.” Preparing everything for the catwalk is more like the storm before the calm.

Models are dressing or getting undressed -- or, sometimes, misplacing clothes. People are ironing garments that are about to be worn on the catwalk.

Dressers are dressing the models.It’s all going on at a fast pace. And whatever is happening is happening just in time. But once the model is wearing the clothing and he’s on the catwalk, the idea is to have fun. It’s the same thing with photoshoots. We want our models to be themselves. To be even a little bit freer than normal. It’s their place to shine.We love the energy both on and off stage.

The whole thing is a dance and it reflects that dance of life, of getting to know ourselves a little better and being able to express who we are with a little more joy.