Karamo Brown Wears ORTTU at Emmys

Karamo Brown Wears ORTTU at Emmys

 An actor and producer, Karamo is best-known for being one of the Queer Eye team. His official title on the show is “culture expert” but Karamo told Insider magazine in 2018 that he hates the term and would prefer to be known as the show’s “therapist, life coach, or counselor.”

Karamo Brown at the at the Emmys

While the rest of the Queer Eye team focuses on transforming the external (especially hair, clothing, and living space) or giving a few culinary lessons to individuals that featured on the reality TV show, Karamo gets a little more into their personalities and life struggles.

Besides being an actor and producer, Karamo actually is a licensed psychotherapist—and it shows. I’m sure most of us take to heart the insights and advice he shares with guests on Queer Eye. And we can all relate to his encouraging people to grow and become truly themselves.

The Creative Arts Emmys honors “outstanding artistic and technical achievement” in television. And, you’ll be pleased to know, Queer Eye won the award for Outstanding Structured Reality Program. Karamo appeared with the rest of the team: Jonathan Van Ness (hair and grooming), Bobby Berk (interior design), Tan France (clothing), and Antoni Porowski (food and wine).

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