Our journeys might take us to different places but we believe we can all blossom in our own way: that we can each be more, feel more, and love more. That’s why we’ve always combined individuality with beauty, quality, imagination, and a sense of optimism. We believe in finding, seeing, and cultivating the best in ourselves and in life. And we believe that beauty reflects our deepest inner reality.

We’re told to conform, to play it safe, to be careful about being different or standing out. And those who tell us that, some of them just want what they think is best for us.

Maybe they don’t understand, but just because we don’t want to live like them doesn’t mean we don’t love them. It just means that we need to be totally free to be ourselves, unapologetically. And maybe they don’t realize it, but being different isn’t about dropping out; it’s about stepping up.

Why We Started ORTTU

We wanted to create a brand that was more than just a clothing line. One that wasn’t about following the trends but about representing the innermost feelings of the wearer. We wanted to create a style for men who are in touch with their individuality, strength, imagination, aspirations, and desires, and who aren’t afraid to express it through their clothing, their personality, and their lifestyle. And we wanted to build a community around that.

With so much tension and criticism in the world today, we wanted ORTTU to be a doorway to a different way of living: A journey of imagination, individuality, aspiration, optimism, and of inner beauty meeting outer beauty.

Those who wear our clothing might not know each other, but they recognise each other. And no matter where we are in the world, we are drawn together by a belief in self-expression, and a love of beauty and of the sensual, the spiritual, and the playfully sexual.

Wearing ORTTU means no longer hiding your true self. It’s a declaration: I am here and this is who I am.

Our Core Values