Let’s Spread The Love Together


We’re excited to announce our partnership with @getbeam to donate 1% of our sales to 4 social impact organisations. At no cost to you, every time you check out at orttu.com you can choose which organization will receive 1% of your purchase. Right now, we’re donating to:

Callen Lord—for medical and/or mental health care for members of the LGBTQ+ community aged 13-24.

Hiromada: Anhelyk Foundation—to fund one month of food for 15 children under 6 years old at a children's center in Ukraine.

Fabscrap—to help pick up 7,000 lbs of unwanted fabric from local fashion companies to be reused or recycled.

Hopelab—to fund 2200 hours of hosting costs for Vivibot, a chatbot for young people living with cancer.

A little love can make big changes. Every time you go to check out, you’ll see how much ORTTU has donated so far to your chosen organization and how close we are to our giving goals. Beam was started by Viveka Hulyalkar and Alex Salvatore, two amazing women who had a mission to turn consumer power into real tangible impact.

Let’s spread the love together.

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