ORTTU Fall 2022: For A Lifestyle Out Of The Ordinary

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ORTTU’s 2022 bold new Fall collection is about embracing infinity within ourselves
26 September 2022

Multi-layered. Many-sided. Each of us is an enigma… a hall of mirrors. We desire the contradictory: Material luxury and spirituality. Excitement and stability. The familiar and the unique.

And only time can enable us to bring all of this together… to let us become all we were meant to be.Is time an arrow? Or a cycle?

For ORTTU, it’s a kaleidoscope—an explosion of self-realization in the colors, details, and layers that we call life. And, right now, we are in that moment between our past and infinite futures. Tough, tight, and sexy. Fluid, sensual, and futuristic. ORTTU’s 2022 bold new Fall collection is about embracing infinity within ourselves. And expressing our many-sidedness.

Embrace your layers—fabrics: lace; sheer, jersey, cotton, and cruelty-free faux leather.
Embody your self-confidence—colors: bold black, white, neutral, and sky blue.
Express your curiosity—details: textures, pearls, zippers, prints, and unexpected seams.



Hyram yarbro wears couture men's jacket by ORTTU.

Hyram Yarbro Wears ORTTU

Skincare influencer Hyram Yarbro wore our Hugo Couture Jacket to the 13th Annual Thirst Gala & 2nd Annual Legacy Ball...

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Actor Gary Carr wears black menswear shirt by ORTTU.

Actor Gary Carr Wears ORTTU

Actor Gary Carr wore our Star Neck Shirt and Brunello Pants to the New York City premiere of...

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Vic Mensa wears men's lace top by ORTTU

Vic Mensa Wears ORTTU

Rapper Vic Mensa wore our Alexander Top for the front cover of the Australian edition of L'Officiel.

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Kaylan Graham: Seen Through Fashion

Kaylan Graham: Seen Through Fashion

I think the only way for us to move forward in life is to embrace the unexpected. Any...

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