Tyler Regan Wears ORTTU in L’Officiel Australia

Three ORTTU jackets were featured in L’Officiel Australia recently, worn by star influencer and content creator Tyler Regan.  

Before becoming an influencer, Regan went to college for media studies and then became a professional soccer player. His sporting career was cut short by an ankle injury, however, and, after reflecting on his life and early interests, he went into content creation. By 2017, known for his humor and parodies of society, he had gained enough attention to take a leap of faith and move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, to dedicate himself to content creation.
Regan wore our Giorgio Jacket, Giorgio Long Coat, and James Jacket. 
Influencer Tyler Regan wears three ORTTU jackets for L'Officiel Australia
Publication: L’Officiel Fashion Book™ - Australia @lofficielau
Talent: Tyler Regan @tylerregan
Photography, Creative Direction, and Production by: Mike Ruiz @mikeruiz.one @mikeruizone
Editor-in-Chief: Dimitri Vorontsov @dimitrivorontsov
Stylist: Star Burleigh @starburleigh
Stylist: Amana-Re Brown @aman_re
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
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