ORTTU Teaser Campaign

We’ve gone bolder, softer, sexier, and more daring in 2019

Words by Michael Skinner
Video by Thomas Elliot

We’ve created clothes you can move in, dance in, and express your soul through. To be who you really are -- the authentic you -- when you wear them. 

Fabric: It’s about how fabric meets the skin. It’s all about soft, fluid folds; sheer and opaque; a touch of blush; a bold color here and there; and a splash of print. Room to show a little skin or a little muscle.

Silhouettes: Daring. Tailored. Baggy. Clothes that wraps around the body. A touch of the feminine to accentuate the masculine. Slits up the sides. Clothing to show your body at its best. 

Buttons? This isn’t about buttoning up. Instead, we thought about that sensual experience of slipping clothes off after an intense day, after a tough workout, or having danced the night away until you thought you would drop. That feeling of relaxing, of the body finally being free, that pleasurable release from constraint. We wanted to put all that into our clothes. 

When you’re putting on a top, bottoms, or anything by ORTTU, we want you to have that same pleasurable feeling you get when you take other clothes off.

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