Schedule a free one-on-one video or phone
consultation with an expert stylist.

How It Works

1. Book An Appointment

Click the button below to select a day and time where you can speak with an ORTTU stylist and sizing expert.

2. Meet With Your Stylist

You will receive a video consultation invitation in your confirmation email. Accept the invitation and get ready to talk about your style and goals.

3. Personalised Lookbook

After your appointment your stylist will make you a fully customised lookbook.

You Are Invited To The Experience

Shopping online is super convenient. But we know that, sometimes, you might have questions about fit, fabric, or whether a piece is right for you.

Through our VIP personal shopping experience, ORTTU connects you with your own personal style expert (a.k.a. ORTTU Dream Maker) to help you build the best wardrobe for you. During your online consultation, from our showroom, we’ll discuss your lifestyle, body type, and aesthetic preferences.

Our Dream Maker will give you access to our complete and most up-to-date collection (so you might see one or two things before anyone else). And, he’ll be able to tell you about every detail of every piece of clothing you’re considering.

What Can I Expect?

After scheduling your virtual consultation we’ll send you a private video link where we can help you understand your fit, help select fabrics, or provide style advice. A typical virtual appointment takes about 30 minutes.

If you have a selection of styles already in mind, we’ll prepare them for your consultation. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved-one, we’ll curate a selection for you.

And, if you want a complete personalised styling experience for an event, we can do that too – and much more.

If you have a selection of styles already in mind, we’ll prepare them for your consultation.

How Private And Secure Are Consultations?

We have measures in place to provide a safe, secure and private service. Our consultants all have a private room for one-to-one consultation so there are never any interruptions.

You can choose to turn video off. And although it’s a video fitting, you absolutely do not need to show our Dream Makers your body.

We’re here for you. You decide whether you’d prefer your consultation with your dedicated Dream Maker to take place via video or smartphone.

We respect your privacy. Consultations are never recorded, and your Dream Maker is the only person on the call besides you.

You won’t be required to remove any clothing for the fitting (unless you really want to).

Our Dream Makers are worldly, non-judgmental, and here to help *you*.